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Adam Russell
Bolton Fan and Blackpool youth player,football is my life

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Racism Rears Its Ugly Head Once Again
21:03 Tuesday 17th July 2012

It seems this season shall ever be remembered as the year football went back a decade. In footballing terms, things are moving forward, with FIFA implementing new initiatives such as goal line technology to improve the game for everyone. Yet…

Football's More Than Just a Game
18:38 Monday 7th May 2012

When all is said and done, football is a game. It's a sport played by people simply because it's enjoyable and fun. However, sometimes those who follow the sport religiously are guilty of taking it too seriously and forgetting what it is about…

Who Can Succeed Ferguson?
11:47 Sunday 6th May 2012

Sir Alex Ferguson recently celebrated his 25th anniversary as Manchester United manager. Such an elongated managerial career at such an esteemed club is a feat that will not be easily replicated. His achievements whilst in the United hot seat…

England Going Forward
13:23 Thursday 1st March 2012

After the resignation of Fabio Capello, it seems that yet again England will enter a major tournament in complete disarray. As of yet no permanent manager has been put in charge, with the team currently temporarily managed by Under-21 boss…

Football Is A Contact Sport
12:50 Friday 17th February 2012

Over the last few weeks there have been several instances highlighted in the media of red cards being given to players for tackles that are deemed 'reckless' or 'dangerous' by the referee. These decisions are not new to the game, the Premier…

Racism in Football
00:44 Sunday 8th January 2012

With all the allegations of racism against various high profile players,I begin to wonder what has happened to our beautiful game? Surely in this day and age, where racism has no place in society in should have no place in our sport. Maybe…

Bolton's Misery Eased But Not Gone
22:15 Saturday 7th January 2012

As a Bolton fan, I find it both interesting and distressing to see how far downhill the club has gone since half way through last season. We finished 2010 in sixth place. We then ended the season in lowly 14th after a terrible run of form.The…