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Alex Dodd
Second year Sports Journalism student at Staffs Uni, lover of all things football, cycling enthusiast, gadget hoarder, gym goer and terrible cook. Family originate from Manchester but grew up in Portsmouth, somehow got roped into supporting both, best of both worlds I guess.

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Will Fining Clubs Under Financial Fair Play Make The Billionaire Owners To Play Fairly?
15:35 Tuesday 6th May 2014

Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain are the only two clubs of around 20 that have been named and shamed for breaching the rules of financial fair play. UEFA claim the two clubs have gone over the €45mn loss threshold, which takes into account…

From the Europa League to League Two: reporting on a club after financial meltdown
13:12 Thursday 17th April 2014

Portsmouth fan Alex Dodd speaks with journalist Jordon Cross from The News, Portsmouth's local newspaper about the ups and downs the club has endured in recent years. Watching your beloved football club spiral into financial ruin and plummet…

Will Leeds United Benefit From the Takeover?
13:37 Saturday 8th February 2014

Portsmouth fan Alex Dodd has seen some tough times at Fratton Park in recent seasons and he now fears the worst could also happen at Elland Road. Seeing your favourite football club doom itself into financial ruin might be one of the worst…

This Is My Club
Will Pompey Supporters Trust Save Portsmouth?
15:21 Wednesday 17th April 2013

Alex Dodd looks at the current situation of his beloved Portsmouth who have recently been taken over by their Supporters Trust .The 10th of April 2013 will be the day that not a single Portsmouth supporter will ever forget. Five years of mismanagement…