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It's Been A ‘Long' Time Coming
19:33 Saturday 2nd July 2011

It's not a well-kept secret that Everton are in dire need for a prolific striker, with the injury prone Saha side-lined for 16 League games last season, Yakubu uninterested with goings on at Goodison and Vaughan and Anichebe not performing…

The Way Forward
20:23 Thursday 30th June 2011

It feels odd coming off the back of a season where we haven't been involved in a relegation scrap, last season was a complete kick in the backside for the bookies who all said we were destined to drop back into lowly descents of League 2.We…

What do we actually need?
22:30 Saturday 25th June 2011

There has been talk for the past couple of seasons now about how David Moyes doesn't sign enough quality players and that we are lacking in all departments. Now I'm sure you'd love it as well if some rich oil tycoon threw his chequebook at…

The Budget Cap?
10:29 Saturday 25th June 2011

£80 million for Ronaldo, £56 million for Kaka and Torres for £50 million. Not bad if you have the money but as we have seen not many clubs do. It is no longer the team with the best manager, the best tactics or organisation. It is the team…