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Ayyaz Malik

Hi guys, I am Ayyaz. I type by day and I type by night, I type what others are thinking. I eat, drink and sleep football (I think in that order) . Watching football is part of my five a day. They say money makes the world go round, yeah right we all know it's football that makes the world go round. I am a Manchester United fan for my sins.

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England National Team
English football clubs are ruining English talent
09:00 Tuesday 23rd May 2017

For years, if not decades, English football fans have been crying out for the next Gary Lineker or (sober) Paul Gascoigne. Premier League title contenders spend millions on their academies, ostensibly to discover the next big English talent.…

Why Jose Mourinho's first season at Manchester United has been a failure
14:00 Sunday 21st May 2017

Football is one of the few sports or lines of work where so much emphasis is on the manager and on how he/she performs in their role as a manager. To be more specific, what I am referring to here, is Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho.…

The Gunners Need A Talisman In Their Arsenal
12:30 Monday 20th March 2017

It's like the whole football world has been banging its head against a brick wall, but The Gunners needs a goal scoring centre-forward. Yet again after another disappointing season comes to its climax, the "so close, yet so far" feeling for…

Dear Jose, Please Don't Play Three At The Back
11:30 Monday 20th March 2017

Dear Jose. My name is Ayyaz Malik and I am a football fan and not just a Manchester United fan. I am 30-years-old and have had a love of the beautiful game for two decades. I want to address some issues that I have in regards to your tactics…

Manchester United Need Something Special From The Special One
19:00 Monday 6th March 2017

In life, it's a well-known fact that all good things must come to an end. In the sporting arena, the same rule applies, for example, the dominance of tennis star Pete Sampras came to an end and he, just like the rest of the tennis world, had…

Gunners Lacking Ammo
19:00 Sunday 5th March 2017

It's seen by some as the best league in the world due to its competitive nature, but sadly (if you're a fan of Arsenal that is), their season looks like it's petering into its usual inevitable disappointment. Manager Arsene Wenger, who is arguably…

Victims of their own success?
10:00 Friday 9th December 2016

The life of a professional football player is arguably one of the toughest professions that there is. Yes, there is the money, the glamour and the overall perceived better lifestyle. One thing in the case of a professional footballer is that…

Is the Premier League title already won?
09:45 Monday 5th December 2016

At the start of the season when the fixtures were announced, many knew that this weekend, which saw Manchester City entertain Chelsea, would be an important date and a big game. Now to say it would have been a potential title decider would…

West Ham and Leicester City - Too Good To Go Down?
22:30 Saturday 3rd December 2016

It's one of football's oldest cliches, but in terms of this season, that is exactly what is necessary. If one was to look at the examples of West Ham and defending champions Leicester City, it's clear to see why. In the case of both sides,…

Ilkay Gundogan is firing on all cylinders
18:00 Thursday 3rd November 2016

Much has been made in the media of the acrimonious exclusion from the first team of Ivorian midfielder Yaya Toure, it's fair to say his time in Manchester has been anything but low key. That infamous incident with the birthday cake and currently…

What is happening to English players?
18:30 Wednesday 2nd November 2016

In football circles, one thing we love to do is to get carried away with English talent. Over they years, despite the failures of the national team as a team, we have been blessed with some great individual players. David Beckham, Steven Gerrard,…

Manchester City answer critics with an impressive win over Barcelona
13:55 Wednesday 2nd November 2016

It's amazing what a difference two weeks can make. Man City at one stage were in third place in the Champions League group, but now the Citizens have shown that they have the battling qualities to do well in the Champions League. After being…

Underestimate Burnley at your peril
16:00 Tuesday 1st November 2016

Hands up if you thought Burnley were going to be the same as they were last time they were in the Premier League. If your hand isn't up I don't think you're being honest with yourself, but one thing is for certain Burnley so far have surprised…

Why Jose is wrong not to select Henrikh Mkhitaryan
12:41 Tuesday 1st November 2016

United fans have been scratching our heads in regards to what is going wrong in the early parts of their season. Arguably there has been several factors, is one of them Henrikh Mkhitaryan's lack of selection? Some United fans (myself included)…

Are Spurs a one-man band?
12:00 Tuesday 1st November 2016

It has been something that has been associated with the North-London based club for a while, but the question needs to be asked even more so in their current situation. Is Tottenham Hotspur too reliant on Harry Kane? The reason why I ask such…