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Christine Reynolds
I would say that I'm a writer of many flavors. I did a-bit of music journalism - I want to do this full time. I've done some content writing, editing and freelance work, and other various media/music related work. I've written for various blogs and magazines (up and coming,) and hope to be a fully fledged writer; earning the big bucks and stirring my readers. Au revoir.

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Anthony Martial - no improvement is the reason for his absence
19:37 Tuesday 21st February 2017

Anthony Martial was once known as the golden boy, the best in the U21 radar and who qualified for the award in Europe. 2017 hasn't been very kind to Martial, who has been left out of Jose's stratagem time and time again, but why? The answer…

Victor Lindelof - Manchester United should secure the deal
02:31 Saturday 11th February 2017

The 22-year-old Swede is a young central defender with bags of potential. Manchester United should lock the door and throw away the key. United manager Jose Mourino would probably have to fork out a handsome sum of £38m or more to land Victor…

David Neres looks worth the money for Ajax
18:45 Wednesday 8th February 2017

David had been spotted for his talents long ago; rising through the ranks, with his scoring ability and quick-witted feet. In 2015 he won the award for the best U20 football player and even lifted a trophy with Sao Paulo's.David Neres has all…

Premier League
The Manchester United squad - a few tweaks and they could close the gap
16:54 Wednesday 8th February 2017

Let's take a look at the start of January: Hull, West Ham United and Reading were games that allowed a good start to the year. The captain, Wayne Rooney, had even tallied equally with England legend - Sir Bobby Charlton - scoring 249 goals…

Leicester City - struggling maybe, but they'll always be the 2015/16 champions
16:24 Tuesday 7th February 2017

This season has been rife with disappointment and Leicester City no longer hold the golden torch that they once had. 24 games into the 2016/17 season and The Foxes have only had five wins (D6 L13); and find themselves lying in 16th place -…

What can an ageing Michael Carrick bring to the Arsenal side?
13:00 Tuesday 7th February 2017

Arsene Wenger has ignited the internet with his talks on signing the player once his contract is up. The rumours circulating have suggested that the manager wants to add Carrick's experience to the fold; adding the missing link needed to compliment…

Womens Football
Reminiscing on the Matilda's 7 - 0 loss to Newcastle Jets boys U16 team
16:30 Monday 6th February 2017

I remember reading about this game. It was flat, uninspiring and practically dull. The Matilda's didn't play to their best, and even though they eventually ranked 9th after the world cup, the girl's still couldn't let this friendly match go. …

Brian Clough and Peter Taylor, the best managerial partnership ever?
13:10 Friday 3rd February 2017

The success of manager Claudio Ranieri at Leicester City has propelled me to think outside the box when it comes to partnerships between managers and their assistants. To Claudio, it was Walsh, who brought him two signings;  moulding key- factors…

The AFL introduces its new female league and it's time to get professional
18:00 Monday 30th January 2017

The AFL have decided to give women a way - with their feet. Literally, the AFL has introduced a league that will feature eight teams in total. It is a change that will be pivotal to Australia's history.

Womens Football
Marta Vieira Da Silva and her stunning ability in the female game
12:00 Tuesday 24th January 2017

If I was to ask you, "who is Marta Vieira Da Silva?" Would you know who she is? Would you be aware of her status as 'one of  the greatest female players of all time?' Or would you shroud yourself into obscurity, and ignore key facts entirely?…

Mesut Ozil: A misunderstood and underated talent on the football field
09:00 Monday 23rd January 2017

I remember a comment Gary Lineker made on Ozil. Gary felt that Ozil was under-performing in some of the games he was playing and that his performances were not up to scratch in 2014. Ozil's attitude sometimes runs into the disinterested factor…

The Premier League transfer market and Arsene Wenger's possible departure
12:30 Saturday 21st January 2017

Arsene Wenger's investment into young players is something he is known for. Arsene has made it a pivotal point at his club to include youngsters into his setup, caring about their development and potential to help him in his past and future…

Managerial News
Hope Powell: The first woman to nearly coach a male team
08:30 Wednesday 18th January 2017

Hope Powell loved the game, felt the game, and loved participating inside of the game. There is nothing overrated about the ex-England coach, but I wonder if she would have gotten the position as a League Two manager? A question that lost its…

The Old Man United: Why I Miss The Old Days, Ways, And Players
14:00 Sunday 15th January 2017

I am going to go ahead and say it, “I miss the old Manchester United.” I believed in their style, their play, their domination of the Premier League, and their ability to reenergize themselves to be practically unbeatable under the leadership…

Womens Football
A standing ovation to Kelly Smith
13:45 Friday 13th January 2017

The Women's game is about to lose one of its biggest names as England's all-time record goalscorer announced her retirement on Wednesday