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Javier Hernandez's Alarming Loss Of Form
10:53 Tuesday 3rd April 2012

Around the hour mark against Blackburn last night a lazy Rovers clearance was directed back towards goal by United. The high, looping ball fell to Javier Hernandez. Chicharito, as he's almost adorably referred to, had the time and space to…

Manchester United And Referees: Is Vieira Right?
16:53 Friday 30th March 2012

It seems that some people just don't learn. A week after Sir Alex Ferguson made a mockery of and showed the fallacy and hypocrisy in Patrick Vieria's comments regarding Paul Scholes coming out of retirement, Vieira had to go and put the foot…

Where Has The Cup Magic Gone?
18:30 Monday 19th March 2012

Football fans of every generation are brought up on the magical stories of the FA Cup, tales of glory and giant-killing, of heroes and villains.From an early age, our minds are instilled with images of Ronnie Radford's famous muck-sodden winner…

The wonder of Athletic Bilbao
04:09 Sunday 11th March 2012

Athletic Bilbao's humbling of Manchester United at Old Trafford may garner them some new supporters in the coming days, and these fans will be well warranted. A myth that has been widely propagated recently is that there are only two clubs…

Trapattoni Ignores James McClean
00:37 Saturday 3rd March 2012

Trapattoni has single-handedly disappointed an entire nation by deciding to ignore James McClean.With Euro 2012 fast approaching, Irish eyes were smiling when news broke that Sunderland winger James McClean would be handed his first cap in…

Appointment Of Terry Connor Tops Off A Good Week For Equality In Football
01:10 Saturday 25th February 2012

The decision by Wolves to replace Mick McCarthy with his former assistant Terry Connor on a caretaker basis until the end of the season was met with a distinct air of derision and ridicule this morning, in light of Wolves' failed attempts in…

The Myth Surrounding Wigan And How They Play Football.
20:22 Wednesday 22nd February 2012

It's a common quip amongst analysts, journalists and fans. "Poor ol' Wigan. They're not like 'bully boys' Stoke or 'nasty' Bolton, they try and play football". It's become overused to such a point now that it's almost cliché and every time…