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Danny Chapman
Hey, I'm Danny and I'm a Football and FM (FM Blog link + Footy Transfer News link) addict I love writing about both my passions and this is my 'fix' that tides over my day in the office and keeps me busy until I get home and load up my Arsenal game. I hope you enjoy the stuff I write and if you want to chat you can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, alternatively just leave a comment below. Cheers!

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5 Things Premier League Players Can Learn From Womens Football
17:42 Friday 12th July 2013

At the time of writing the 2013 UEFA Women's European Championship is underway in Sweden and  a perfect time for Danny Chapman to take a look why the Premier League could learn a thing or two from Women's football. Premier League football is…

Premier League
Confirmed: The real reason why Arsene Wenger doesn't sign big names
09:45 Friday 7th June 2013

Arsene Wenger has been known for not signing the big name players like his counterparts at Manchester United and Manchester City, Danny Chapman gives his thoughts on why the Frenchman uses the transfer market the way he does. It has long been…

Football Manager Versus Arsene Wenger's Transfer Policy
09:00 Friday 31st May 2013

Football Manager isn't a game, it isn't "just a database" as some 'spotty oik' called it when I was about to buy it from his store a few years ago, it is in fact a way of mind.That said I have often wondered what would happen if Arsene Wenger…