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Ella Wardlaw

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Validation for valiant Chelsea, as Champions League crowns new victors
11:08 Sunday 20th May 2012

The crème de la crème of European football has come and gone for another year. It is often said the best team of the season doesn't always find their way to the Champions League final, let alone win the title. Many pundits were labeling the…

The Trouble With Torres
16:29 Sunday 1st April 2012

We all breathed a sigh of relief when Fernando Torres netted his first Premier League goal in six months during Chelsea's commanding 4 - 2 win over Aston Villa on Saturday. And what a painful six months they've been.A lot of theories have been…

The Managerial Twelfth Man
20:03 Sunday 25th March 2012

Football is a unique sport for many reasons. One of the main ways in which the beautiful game can be distinguished from all others is the role of the manager. There are few sports today where the aura surrounding a coach has the power to eclipse…