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Premier League, play-offs and losing your head
11:34 Tuesday 15th May 2012

This is a funny old time of year for any team in the Championship. Depending on how you've fared, you could be singing, crying, or tearing your hair out. Any team from the Championship can be sorted into one of these categories: 1) Promoted…

Villain Of The Piece
17:22 Thursday 26th April 2012

This Premier League season has been a memorable one, with the title race again going down to the wire and potentially being settled by a Manchester derby, the new arrivals Norwich and Swansea reminding everyone that the gap in class between…

Never Mind The Mind Games.
08:45 Monday 16th April 2012

Just last week, it looked as if the title race for the Premier League was over, with Manchester City languishing 8 points behind Manchester United; a week in football is a long time.Roberto Mancini was asked after his loss to Arsenal whether…

The Reformation Of Mario Balotelli
13:07 Wednesday 11th April 2012

Another weekend of football has passed, with yet another incident involving Mario Balotelli. This guy seems like a runaway train with no apparent way of stopping until it reaches a mangled mess of a wasted career.I'd heard some stories about…

The State Of Our Game
23:31 Wednesday 4th April 2012

With every season that passes, I find myself longing for the good old glory days of football. When I say that, I'm referring to the late 80's and 90's. This was the era that I was growing up and took an active interest in football, and this…

The Home Straight
23:08 Wednesday 28th March 2012

So here we are, at the business end of the season with the majority of clubs having just eight games left to play. This will be make or break for a few clubs, especially those at the foot of the table.It's only a two-horse race for the title…