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James Meredith
Man Utd fan, Sopranos fanatic, Only Fools & Horses aficionado, tennis club captain, amateur poker player, pseudo-ambidextrous & a PR Account Director to pay the bills.

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Everybody Needs Good (Italian) Neighbours
15:08 Monday 29th September 2014

James Meredith looks at Italian football derby games, where the ground is even shared between the sides, impossible to have in the UK? I used to be an avid watcher of Italian football. As a young boy I'd tune in to the coverage of Serie A on…

Penny for David Moyes' thoughts
13:05 Wednesday 24th September 2014

James Meredith takes a look at to see if new Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal has impacted the team since the sacking of David Moyes. Back in May, I wrote an article on here reviewing Manchester United's 2013/14 season. As a fan, it…

This Is My Club
The Theatre of Dreams? No, just one reoccurring nightmare for a Manchester United fan
09:30 Tuesday 13th May 2014

It's not been the best of times at Old Trafford this season, James Meredith takes the bull by the horns and looks back at the 2013/14 season for Manchester United.Would you like to write an article reviewing the 2013/14 season of the club you…

Man Utd Fans Need To Accept That David Moyes' Challenge To Continue Sir Alex Ferguson's Legacy Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint!
17:56 Wednesday 8th January 2014

James Meredith is firmly behind the Manchester United gaffer, are you? Share your thoughts in the comments box below: I'm a Manchester United fan so you could say I'm blinkered, or you could say something a lot worse. but either way, I'm fully…

If Adnan Januzaj Can Play For England Then So Can I
12:17 Thursday 10th October 2013

The recent mutterings in the press have led to questions over what qualifies a footballer to be able to play for England, James Meredith takes a look. The two goal man of the match performance of unheralded teenager Adnan Januzaj for Manchester…

European Football
Is A European Super League Around The Corner?
14:00 Friday 20th September 2013

With multi million pound profits being made and record signings across Europe James Meredith ponders the prospect of what is on the horizon for European football. It is clear that football in the top leagues around Europe appear to be immune…

Champions League
Just Who Are Stade de Reims?
13:17 Wednesday 18th September 2013

James Meredith takes a look at one of the lesser known teams that have taken part in European Football. Champions League football is back with the first set of matches kicking off this week. With this in mind, I have decided to delve deep into…

Which England Squad Would You Rather Have Euro 96, World Cup 98 Or 2013?
11:50 Friday 13th September 2013

With England drawing against the Ukraine in their World Cup qualifier on Tuesday evening, James Meredith compares the England squad we have now to that of Euro 96 and France 98 It was a good result, but I don't think we should gloss over the…