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James Osborne

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Euro-Rules Football
14:37 Sunday 10th June 2012

This may be something of a knee jerk reaction as its only been fout games, but I am finding the standard of referees at Euro 2012 to be dreadful. I know they sometimes use tournaments to trial new rules, but it seems the decision to make the…

Biggest Game In English Football
14:28 Saturday 28th January 2012

Saturday 28th January 2012, Anfield, Liverpool. This could be one of the most memorable dates in English football history. The potential for incident has not been higher in decades. When the balls were dropped into the bucket at Wembley for…

West Brom 4-2 Cardiff City (Cardiff Fan's Perspective)
20:34 Tuesday 10th January 2012

I watched this game from the comfort of the padded seats in the directors box. The odd thing was that I was surrounded by Cardiff fans. There was a jobsworthy female steward who kept giving us evil eyes whenever we cheered a Cardiff goal/chance,…

Match Report: Aston Villa 0-1 Manchester United (Utd Fan's Perspective)
15:28 Monday 5th December 2011

Well, I was a United fan sitting in the Villa end as quietly as possible, I needn't have worried though as the Villa fans were far more interested in abusing their own team and particularly Alex McLeish.I initially felt sorry for the backlash…

RIP Gary Speed from a Wales Fan
23:02 Monday 28th November 2011

My phone beeped about 12:30 this afternoon, I had just been out shopping so my finger was slightly off the Twitter pulse for once. I could not believe what it said. Three words, "Gary Speed Dead".I have been in a state of shock since.I went…

Match Report: Swansea 0-1 Manchester United (A United Fan's Perspective)
07:17 Monday 21st November 2011

As a MUFC fan who also keeps an eye on Cardiff City, this was always going to be a game I wanted to win, a hammering would have been a bonus but I never really expected it as Swansea have proved critics wrong and stuck to the slick football…