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Jamie Barwick

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Football Takeovers: Guaranteed Success Or Just Unneeded Intervention?
11:08 Wednesday 29th June 2011

Financial plight, potential profit and a passion to be involved in the “beautiful game” are just some of the reasons why investors may choose to takeover at a football club. The news of a clubs possible takeover bid usually brings with it an…

Is The Lack Of Discipline Amongst Football Players A Real Cause For Concern?
16:06 Monday 27th June 2011

Newcastle's Joey Barton is notorious for his off thefield issuesThe British media seems to be running more stories relating to footballers being in trouble and breaching club rules. This season alone has seen striker Craig Bellamy receive a…

The Signing Of The Season
16:01 Monday 27th June 2011

 With the Premier League coming to a close it's only right that I discuss my opinions on the much coveted signing of the season award. Many players from a wide variety of leagues and clubs joined the English game but who excelled and really…

It's Time For The Players To Rescue Football
12:12 Thursday 23rd June 2011

Hand of God? More like hand of a cheat!Pride, commitment and passion . . . just some of the words that I would associate with football.Or that I would like to.Recently, I have begun more than ever to question the players in and around the game.…

Transfer Flops Of The Season
22:25 Tuesday 21st June 2011

 Many footballers transfer to clubs in the Premier League from many leaguein a wide variety countries but not every transfer has a happy ending. Thechange of scenery, the difference in culture, a new team's players and tactics,all these factors…