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Jamie Britt
Liverpool FC fan, official club member. Liverpool and the Premier League is my thing but I take a serious interest in European as well as lower league football ! Still waiting for Liverpool to win a league title.....!!

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The Weird And The Wonderful
3 of the weirdest football stories of the week
18:38 Friday 16th September 2016

The world of football can be incredibly unusual. Matches can be called off for the most bizarre reasons and we have seen this numerous times over the last couple of years. The footballing world will hopefully never lose it weirdness and to…

Premier League
5 of the best tweets from football players
12:27 Wednesday 14th September 2016

Social media has become a hotbed for professional players to highlight their day to day lives with adoring fans. Twitter is one platform that has taken the reigns and now, more than ever before, football players are tweeting whatever they feel…

What does it take to become a world class goalkeeper?
13:00 Tuesday 13th September 2016

Goalkeeping has always been an important trade within the game, however, the standard at the moment seems to be higher than ever before. If we look at the Premier League, there are a variety of world class goalkeepers in the division. Keeper's…

The perfect penalty kick
11:57 Wednesday 7th September 2016

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen many shocking penalty misses. Zaza's in the Euro's against Germany must be the worst. However, hitting a ball from 12 yards into a goal seems to be more than difficult.

How does Steven Gerrard pass the ball?
09:33 Tuesday 6th September 2016

The former Reds skipper is well known all around the world as Liverpool's hero. His fantastic all-around game has won many games for club and country. Coming to the end of his career in America, we look at how the Liverpool legend passes the…

Why is Luis Suarez one of the best finishers in the world?
15:47 Monday 5th September 2016

Finishing, in general, is a very important aspect when goal scoring opportunities are available. No matter what level you are playing at, goal scoring opportunities are very limited so it is vital to take full control when you are given the…

What should you eat before a football game ?
11:47 Monday 5th September 2016

Hours spent practising techniques and improving your skills are pointless if you turn up to a football match lacking energy due to what you have eaten. “You should pay as much attention to your nutrition as you do to every other aspect of your…

Liverpool's summer signings rated
16:08 Thursday 1st September 2016

As a fan of Liverpool football club, I am always excited when the summer transfer window gets underway. I always like to think that we have a chance to sign world-class players and with Jurgen Klopp now taking the club forward, I was more than…

Scout Watch: Five players to watch out for
13:15 Friday 26th August 2016

All around the globe, there is always a fresh wave of new football talent. From academy members to first team players, talent in the game is everywhere. This article will focus on 5 players around Europe who could be the next big thing this…

Should football be included in the Olympics?
11:18 Wednesday 24th August 2016

After Neymar's penalty sent Brazil into ecstasy, many still questioned whether the beautiful game should still be in the Olympics. There are a variety of views that state that the Olympics should just include those who are not professional…

Do Liverpool need a new left back?
13:52 Monday 22nd August 2016

After a horrendous performance against Arsenal, a majority of Liverpool fans are calling for Alberto Moreno to be finally axed from the side. Last week, he gave away a penalty as well gifting Theo Walcott the opening goal due to his shocking…

Some picks for your 2016/17 Fantasy Football squad
14:10 Thursday 11th August 2016

After numerous hours of making, remaking and making an inspiring fantasy football team once again, I think that I may have found a winning combination. It's a mix of players from a mix of teams and this year I am hoping that I will be the one…

3 football stadiums you have to visit!
12:03 Tuesday 9th August 2016

If you can find a football fan that does not like visiting football stadiums, then I will be very surprised! Travelling to different stadiums is the best part of the football experience. However, small or large a stadium is, the atmosphere…

My predictions for the top 6 of the Premier League
16:01 Thursday 4th August 2016

Following on from his predictions on which teams will be relegated from the Premier League this coming season, Jamie Britt returns with the clubs that he believes will claim the top-six spots in the League, agree or disagree, let us know.6th…

Premier League relegation prediction
14:22 Tuesday 2nd August 2016

As the season opener draws closer the excitement begins to build, three months of waiting will be finally over on the 13th of August when the Premier League finally kicks off once again. Therefore, it's time to put my neck on the line and talk…