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Kyle Maxwell
Born and raised in Worcester, Mass. I came to the game of Football a little later than most, but it has become my passion since that day. I am an actor, writer, and stand-up comic in my other life. I also make sketch comedy videos because why the hell not.

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And So The Blue Moon Rises...
00:43 Friday 25th May 2012

I cannot say that I was too surprised when Manchester City won the English Premier League title. In fact, considering the season that we just witnessed, and the weeks leading up to deadline day, it doesn't seem all that improbable.They were…

Somewhere, Beyond The Sea...
13:18 Saturday 21st January 2012

I often wonder what it feels like to be inside Old Trafford. I wonder what it smells like, what it sounds like. I wonder what the faces passing by me will look like. You see I am a Manchester United fan, but I have never gone home. I live in…

Can The New England Revolution Get With The Program?
18:25 Friday 20th January 2012

For those who may not understand the dilemma of being a football fan in America and living near the New England Revolution, let me explain. MLS is growing, and if you believe some people it is growing at an incredible rate. New stadiums pop…