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England's Euro squad will be solid but unspectacular
11:58 Tuesday 15th May 2012

As Roy Hodgson's decision day looms large the speculation surrounding who will be part of his first England squad is building. New England managers in the past have tended to use their first squad to mark their identity on the team through…

High Scoring Fulham Thrash Hopeless Wolves
22:20 Sunday 4th March 2012

If the Wolves board and fans thought sacking the man who led them to Premiership safety last year and replacing him with his assistant Terry Connor would keep them up, then today's thrashing at the hands of high-flying Fulham confirmed the…

Mismanagement To Blame For Villa's Downfall
23:53 Wednesday 29th February 2012

Since the unexplained departure of Martin O'Neill from Aston Villa many of the clubs fans have been under the impression that financial cutbacks were to blame for the resignation of their ‘Messiah'.O'Neill left following a dispute over how…

Referees Need Help, Fast
16:05 Monday 6th February 2012

A conversation today between myself and a friend equally riled by recent events epitomised the problems referees face when a decision needs to be made regarding a potential red card challenge.The three red cards that happened on Saturday typified…

Why Tonight Is About More Than Just Victory For Liverpool
22:30 Wednesday 25th January 2012

While all the pre-match musings are focused around an abomination of a performance against Bolton on Saturday, the importance of Wednesday night's league cup semi-final for Liverpool FC must not be downplayed.In the immediate aftermath of their…

Desperate Wenger signings are not enough
21:20 Thursday 1st September 2011

Just when you thought Arsene Wenger would seize the opportunity to go out and prove all the doubters wrong… he panicked.With 60 million pounds banked from the sales of star men Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas, Arsenal fans were desperate for…