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Michael Kalinowski

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Still Roaring
05:00 Monday 21st November 2011

So 35 games unbeaten has come and gone, plus the defending champions have increased their lead on the A-League ladder by 6 points nearly a third of the way through the season. The question remains, what's left for the Roar?The club has been…

Sisters doing it for themselves
21:47 Thursday 27th October 2011

I have a dream... A dream that women and men in sport can co-exist together on TV in the newspaper and over the Internet. Sadly it seems in this day and age, an age known for the great strides made in equality for race, freedom, and gender;…

Harry and Emmo... Worth it?
15:11 Monday 24th October 2011

So two of the prodigal sons and Australian football saviours have made their way back to their home land to play for their respective home teams. The hype and buzz has been enough to create sell-out games for every Melbourne Victory game this…

The Roar will make you eat that humble pie!
14:16 Saturday 22nd October 2011

The one thing worse than humble pie, is having to eat it. Especially when it's a pie you made yoursefl. Gold Coast United boss Miron Bleiberg, found out all to well last night, when his team were played right off the park in their 3-0 loss…