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Premier League
The Giant is awake and it's Massive
13:00 Thursday 2nd June 2016

Football has changed a lot since the last time Sheffield Wednesday were at Wembley. The game is more of a business, the wages are astronomical, the sponsorship deals huge and the winnings for reaching the promised land of the Premier League…

Premier League
Time to stick or twist for David Moyes
11:04 Wednesday 26th February 2014

It is probably safe to say that it's not all going well for David Moyes in his first season as boss of Manchester United, Nathan Angus takes a look at what options the manager has. What do you give a man who has it all?A championship winning…

Lack Of Stellar Signings Means David Moyes' Hard Work Starts Now
11:22 Wednesday 4th September 2013

If David Moyes was ever under any illusion as to how big the job of replacing Sir Alex was then he is soon going to realise it just got a lot harder. This transfer window has been a disaster for Manchester United and has left the supporters…

Life Outside The Premier League - What Do Fans In The Lower Leagues Have To Look Forward To?
14:03 Tuesday 23rd July 2013

It is that time as a football fan that we all dread, it happens every year that ends in an odd number. Luckily we had the Confederations Cup to get us through but now what?If you follow a big Premier League club then you are spending your days…

The Rooney Conundrum
08:30 Friday 19th July 2013

With speculation over the future of Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney Nathan Angus asks the question........ Is Wayne Rooney the white Pele or Robin Van Persie's stand in?There are many different view points on the drama and…

Paul Scholes - Masterstroke or Mistake?
22:01 Friday 13th January 2012

"The best central midfielder that I have seen - the most complete - is Scholes" - Xavi HernandezThe quote above from, in my mind, the best midfielder in the world at the moment says it all. Xavi, the heartbeat of Barcelona - the best club side…

Roy Keane - A Self-Opinionated Man Of Low Intelligence
18:06 Sunday 1st January 2012

I'm not a Manchester United fan, my team is Sheffield Wednesday, boring I know but you get what you're given in this life.At times I wish that my dad had taken me to games at Old Trafford or Highbury and we had seen such great captains as Roy…

Andre Villas-Boas - Time for a change
00:30 Thursday 24th November 2011

Two home defeats in a row.Worst start to a league season in 8 years.Roman Abramovich as your boss.All the factors above have lead me to believe that it is time for a change for Andre. Now firstly this isn't a blog that is looking for the sacking…

Why Blatter needs to understand Football is more than a game
14:14 Sunday 20th November 2011

Sepp Blatter.Sepp Blatter; just say that to yourself and as a football fan what do you think of? If you have a good image in your head then you need to have a rethink.I didn't think that my opinion of him could get much lower until today when…

Football Racism Rears Its Ugly Head On Social Media
00:09 Wednesday 26th October 2011

Let me remind people what year we are in, its 2011. I'll repeat that 2011.To let you know about me, I am a white 30 year old male who lives in Sheffield. I am not from the upper class nor from the lower class I don't classify myself as having…

How to tackle a problem like Barca?
22:14 Tuesday 25th October 2011

Barcelona – unbelievable, beautiful, fantastic, inspiring, the best. What more can be said about this team, the passing, the movement, the ability, the results. I am an avid armchair fan of Barcelona so much so that when my fiancé took me to…