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Why are the English media obsessed with Liverpool?
00:27 Tuesday 16th August 2011

When you look at the relative success enjoyed by other teams since the Premier League came to be, they deservedly got media coverage. Unfortunately, column inches and air time are always in short supply when said teams either decline or plateau.…

Why Man Utd should never have bothered pursuing Sneijder
17:10 Friday 12th August 2011

Is Wesley Sneijder gifted? Of course he is. Would he make a huge impact for Man Utd in the Premiership and Champions League? No doubt. So why would I say the champions would be better off without him? Let me explain.Last season, United underperformed,…

The Riverside Rule
21:06 Monday 27th June 2011

Apologies to Boro fans, but I am afraid that the empty seats at the Riverside Stadium was my main inspiration. Not that I haven't noticed a similar situation at the DW Stadium and other grounds across the country but the Middlesbrough was the…

The Freedom of 'Glory Hunting'
11:25 Friday 24th June 2011

My team chosen team as a youngster was and still is, Manchester United. Yes, I am from the south and yes it was a while before I got to see them in person. I own a number of United shirts and am often criticised for supporting a team a few…