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Seamus Kennan

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Match Report: Stoke 2-3 QPR (Stoke Fan's Perspective)
15:59 Monday 21st November 2011

Before the start of the game I was glad to have Danny Higginbotham back in the starting line-up.  This hasn't changed after the game despite of him not being at the top of his game for the whole 90 minutes. And after the 5-0 defeat at Bolton,…

Match Report: Bolton 5-0 Stoke (Stoke Fan's Perspective)
04:55 Monday 7th November 2011

Before today's game, Stoke have lost all three Premier League games after mid-week European games, while Bolton have lost all of their home games so far this season. In any case one series would have been ended today or the two of them.Stoke…

Kevin Kilbane: A kick in the privates would have been a far more respectful treatment
13:46 Monday 31st October 2011

Kevin Kilbane, an English born Irish international with far more determent to play for his country than some of his Irish born colleagues, is no more. Well, he still lives, but he doesn't exist any more in Giovanni Trapattoni's plans for the…

Match Report: Arsenal 3 - 1 Stoke (from Stoke's perspective)
15:32 Monday 24th October 2011

There was much hope for me that Stoke will get something from this game against Arsenal due to the mid-week European games: Arsenal were weak in all departments but got a lucky win in Marseille while Stoke was very comfortably in their 3-0…