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Effort is Overrated, Winning Is All That Matters
20:19 Thursday 5th July 2012

So another tournament passes by and a team high on technical ability romps to the title whilst England are left to lick their wounds  at yet another penalty shootout exit at the quarter final stage after being outplayed for the preceding 120…

New Year New Cheer For Spurs
19:47 Wednesday 21st December 2011

Expect the worst, hope for the best. As a Spurs fan that's basically been my mantra since I started going to White Hart Lane 25 years ago. We are the ultimate cynical fans but we have every right to be that way, false dawns and five-year-plans…

‘Arry ‘appens to be the perfect fit
17:35 Thursday 15th December 2011

Barring some sort of seismic miracle, England won't win Euro 2012. That's ok, we won't deserve to, we're not the best team in Europe and won't play like it in Poland/Ukraine. So when the over-reaction of the press to our exit at the (insert…

An Ode To The Midfield Maestro
22:40 Tuesday 6th December 2011

The passing of Socrates at the weekend has given those old enough to remember him and those who weren't yet born, another excuse to watch footage of the often repeated world cup 82' match between Brazil and Italy.At the time, the biggest story…

4th Place isn't everything
05:36 Tuesday 8th November 2011

As the current crop of Spurs players are swashbuckling their way up the table to what will hopefully be a top 4 finish come may 2012, I am one fan who would be more than happy with a 5th/6th place finish over the next few seasons.Don't get…

Can England Win Euro 2012
05:23 Tuesday 8th November 2011

Can England Win Euro 2012?To make this article very short, the simple answer is no we can't and no we won't.But apart from stating the obvious and being another of the doomsayers out to ‘belittle' England, there are deep seated reasons as to…