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Warren Smith

A British and J.League soccer enthusiast, now local to Yokohama, Japan. A keen Arsenal supporter. Has been known to play the game every once in awhile, once likened to Xherdan Shaqiri. 

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Womens Football
Are Wolfsburg Invincible?
15:00 Monday 14th January 2019

Wolfsburg’s women’s team is to the Frauen-Bundesliga what Bayern Munich were to the men’s league under Pep Guardiola. Unplayable and a joy to watch. Atop the table by five points, they threaten to go full Arsenal with an Invincible…

Vietnam are the Golden Dragons, not Dark Horses
17:00 Tuesday 8th January 2019

The AFC Asian Cup is taking place right now. The likes of Japan, Iran and South Korea may appear as the frontrunners but I am supposing there is a new challenger ready to become the face of Asian football: Vietnam. I have had this idea…

League One
Get Away With That! Sunderland 'Til I Die Review
15:00 Wednesday 26th December 2018

Netflix's eight-episode docuseries plots Sunderland’s turbulent 2017/18 season. Fresh from Premier League relegation, this Netflix production series follows them through another dismal campaign. The cable network is putting several…

Video Games
Football Manager 2019 Review
17:00 Monday 24th December 2018

Please do not call me arrogant because what I say is true. I’m European champion, I’m not one out of the bottle, I think I’m a special one. You can be a Special One too. Even better, no one will sack you if one season turns…

Review: Fifty Cup Finals - My Life in Football by Nick Collins
17:00 Sunday 25th November 2018

  Nick Collins is a football sage. He’s often round the corner with his moustache and microphone. Now, he’s put pen to paper, musing on his lengthy career in sports journalism. He has many stories to tell. Title:                      …

J League
J2 and the Gauntlet of Hate
09:00 Wednesday 21st November 2018

Football bureaucracy is terrible, isn’t it? Procedural hindrances plague Japan’s football system like you wouldn’t believe. J2 took a body blow goal to its autonomy at season's end, this year. Let us file the paperwork…

The Pride of Pristina: The Invincible Kosovo
17:00 Friday 16th November 2018

Preston North End. Arsenal. Celtic. Porto… and Kosovo? The young nation might not have been playing FIFA recognised football for long, but they’re adapting quickly. They’re two matches away from having an unbeaten season.…

Premier League
Courteous captaincy for Cahill
09:00 Thursday 8th November 2018

Club captain. Pitch captain. The role is less defined than it used to be with the advent of captains completely excluded from the matchday squad. it reduces their importance. Gary Cahill is the Chelsea captain, despite being a cameo performer.…

Rest Of The World
On the Day of the Dead, you've stumbled across the Curse of the Super Leader
15:00 Wednesday 31st October 2018

Can we agree topping the league seems the easiest way to determine the best team over the course of a season? Not so much in Mexico. Finishing first is rarely the champion's path there. Instead, it's a curse. La Dia de Muertos seems…

Mr Rooney goes to Washington II: Red Devil ravages MLS
17:42 Wednesday 24th October 2018

Wayne Rooney was a Manchester United man. A Scouser, his career began at Everton but as United's all-time scorer, he will always be a North-West Red no matter what some may feel. When he no longer suited needs at Old Trafford, he donned…

Premier League
How can Alexandre Lacazette gain France recognition?
12:00 Monday 22nd October 2018

Arsenal forward; Olympique Lyonnais hero. Firing for the Gunners, but not for France. Pourquoi? Didier Deschamps says no. What more can be done in North London to book a Eurostar ticket? Alexandre Lacazette follows a long lineage of French…

Womens Football
CONCACAF Women Championship, aka Don't feed the Americans
16:30 Sunday 14th October 2018

It’s hard to look past the Americans in terms of women’s football. Right, then. See you next time. In all seriousness, there's no avoiding the fact the USWNT is a blue whale in the North and Central American and Caribbean koi…

Why there is more than olive oil in Spain
15:00 Friday 5th October 2018

Spanish football. Maybe even football. The phrase/word conjures up visions of Lionel Messi and the FC Barcelona group. The memories of Cristiano Ronaldo ruining Spanish defences was a joy to behold as he became the sole Galactico for his generation.…

2.Bundesliga presents the first Hamburg derby in seven years
09:00 Sunday 30th September 2018

Hamburg remains at Germany's northern point while the city’s football scene has gone south. Both teams play in the second division. Hamburger SV's relegation last year set up the first derby with St Pauli in the best part…

Guendouzi: Arsenal's new Frenchman? Hold that thought
09:00 Sunday 23rd September 2018

Few in North London, let alone England, knew of Matteo Guendouzi before his summer transfer to Arsenal. Unai Emery plugged him straight into the lineup. After playing all five Premier League fixtures in 2018/19, he appears completely at…

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