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Football is an Emotional Business but Should Communities Care if Clubs Survive?
21:04 Wednesday 21st March 2012

Just a few months ago, Darlington Football Club and 129 years of heritage were all but consigned to the history books. For a while, the supporters, players, and staff must have felt something akin to bereavement, but for me, as an outsider…

Nothing Like a bit of Extra 'Fan-Power'
17:34 Tuesday 17th January 2012

Football fans – so much springs to mind. Irrational rivalry, mass releases of anger and euphoric celebrations which borderline on insanity. However, in England one word which doesn't present itself immediately is ‘power'.Yes, we've all seen…

Middlesbrough's Pre-Season: Game 4
21:19 Saturday 23rd July 2011

Middlesbrough's first pre-season game in England ended in a shock defeat at the hands of neighbours Darlington.Danny Coyne returned in goal after a slight injury scare to replace Connor Ripley.Scott McDonald was left out and replaced by Marvin…