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Social media in football: A curse and a blessing
17:00 Wednesday 5th December 2018

Modern footballers pale in comparison to players of old when it comes to application, discipline and mental toughness. Gone are the days when Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane couldn't stand the other's presence. Was it because they hated…

Premier League
Why is the Bundesliga a new home for young English stars?
15:00 Friday 23rd November 2018

The Premier League is a very competitive league that demands every inch of performance from its players. This is why many see the league as the most competitive league in the world. On the other hand, that high standard leaves little room for…

David Beckham asks, Are you Inter Miami?
15:00 Sunday 9th September 2018

People who share values often remain separate due to their methods. Michael Jordan's an excellent example. The greatest player in basketball history and current Charlotte Bobcats owner grew accustomed to criticism regarding his lack…

David Beckham and Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Guardians of the Galaxy?
13:00 Wednesday 4th April 2018

They were teammates for a half-season at Paris Saint-Germain, so it’s entirely possible David Beckham recommended Los Angeles Galaxy as a retirement destination to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, or the big Swede enquired. With apologies to Hristo…

MLS Grab Bag, Week 2: No dimples for Golden Balls, slow starts, and cooking the books
16:00 Friday 9th March 2018

Welcome to the second week of coverage at MLS Grab Bag. Each week we’ll review interesting developments from the week, preview key weekend matches, and, you know, stuff. Let them play golf After two years of battling various litigants,…

When did Real Madrid last finish outside La Liga's top 3?
16:00 Saturday 3rd March 2018

After their defeat to Espanyol on Tuesday, the possibility of Real Madrid finishing outside the top 3 in La Liga has because much more feasible. They currently sit just one point ahead of Valencia (who are in 4th) and are way off the pace of…

Columbus Crew owner might be escorted to Austin city limits
11:00 Tuesday 6th February 2018

Anthony Precourt is not David Beckham. That is obvious on several levels, but especially if you don’t follow Major League Soccer, or particularly Columbus Crew. That is to say, most people have only heard of the one. To catch you up:…

David Beckham breaks all barriers to bring football to Miami
10:30 Thursday 1st February 2018

As popular as football may be in most corners of the world, it remains a niche sport in the United States. That isn't to say it's not a money-spinning franchise. David Beckham has the entrepreneurial spirit to understand that statement…

Managerial News
Do Manchester United's 'Class of 92' all have managerial plans?
11:00 Thursday 25th January 2018

Sir Alex Ferguson had a long-lasting effect on the players who played under him during his 27-year stint at Old Trafford. They include the ‘Class of 92' – the group of youngsters which are considered among the most…

King of Leon?
04:55 Monday 15th January 2018

One thing football fans tend not to understand is the player who goes his own way.  Landon Donovan has long been such an enigma. On the pitch he was quick, deadly, and never apt to do exactly what was expected. Off the pitch, he was…

Local millionaire parking the bus in front of David Beckham's MLS bid
09:00 Saturday 16th December 2017

In an open society, theory has it one person can make a difference. In a capitalist environment, reality dictates such a person be backed by a lot of money. When it comes to professional sports and public land in Miami, that person is Bruce…

What's In a Number? Do They Really Matter?
15:00 Tuesday 12th September 2017

With news starting to break that Manchester United are 'apparently' reserving their iconic number 7 shirt for French international star Antoine Griezmann, it begs the questions as to just what is it about certain shirt numbers that make the…

Dissecting Infamous Referee Decisions
10:00 Tuesday 29th August 2017

A referee is said to have a good day when unnoticed. Also, that he's done well when everyone is angry. Most fans tend to disagree with both precepts. Abuse raining down from the stands must be intimidating. So must 11 angry men surrounding…

Can Wesley Sneijder give LAFC wings?
16:30 Thursday 6th July 2017

With every possible path open in building Major League Soccer's next new club from scratch, is LAFC right to build its squad around Wesley Sneijder? Round and White's Andrew Dowdeswell recently asked a similar question to that being…

Premier League
Three possible destinations for John Terry after his summer exit from Chelsea
11:00 Saturday 22nd April 2017

John Terry will be taking his leave from Chelsea after two long decades at the club. Terry has won every accolade there is in the game and will forever be remembered as a true legend. The 36-year old made his debut for Chelsea back in 1998…

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