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World Cup
The five most dramatic World Cup quarter-finals in history
12:30 Friday 6th July 2018

The quarter-finals of the World Cup get underway on Friday, after plenty of drama in the first knockout phase. The final eight games from years gone by have produced some unforgettable memories. Here is our look back at five of the most…

Why Arsene Wenger deserves better
17:30 Thursday 9th February 2017

It has become a norm of Arsenal's seasons that, at some point in their campaign, their push for the top places will stutter and all of their good early season work will come to nothing. If Arsenal were Spanish then the majority of the fans…

Premier League
What has happened to the 4-4-2 formation?
10:35 Thursday 19th January 2017

When I first started watching football at a young age I was intrigued by the game, as we all were when we were young. Always asking questions to learn more about the game we grew up to love. One thing that most of us will know is how much football…