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Premier League
Danny Rose, Marvin Sordell and the crucial fight against depression
12:00 Wednesday 12th September 2018

Identity is a strange thing. There is the tangible side of the equation, the one that includes your passport, your driving licence, your name and your birth certificate. Legally speaking, that is who you are. But who are we, really? Are we…

Aaron Lennon's plight suggests it's past time to talk about mental health and football
16:05 Wednesday 3rd May 2017

The footballing community was shocked and saddened to hear that Everton's Aaron Lennon had been detained by police for his own safety. The news was rocking. It shouldn't be. In the general sense, I mean, rather than regarding Lennon specifically. At…

The Very Real Issue of Mental Illness in Football
01:31 Thursday 1st December 2011

This week football lost a true gentleman. A wife lost a husband. And two children lost a father. Gary Speed's death came as a massive shock even to those with no particular affiliation to the late Wales manager. Despite being born too late…