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Premier League
Can Kai Havertz be the man if Romelu Lukaku stays in Milan?
08:02 Wednesday 4th August 2021

Yesterday, Chelsea shifted their efforts to land a world-class striker into top gear, bidding €100 million for Romelu Lukaku. Even with Marco Alonso spicing the pot, Inter indicated they weren't interested, which translates into 'we…

Premier League
Can Patrick Vieira free Wilfried Zaha?
08:01 Sunday 18th July 2021

If you’re curious about the effect Patrick Vieira can have on a football club as manager, check the Ligue 1 table for the past four seasons.  In 2017/18, before the Arsenal legend arrived at OGC Nice from Shiekh Mansour’s Major…

Premier League
Why Billy Gilmour has probably heard Gerry Rafferty
08:01 Sunday 4th July 2021

There’s a saying: Big money equals big problems. Anyone with a capitalist bent will laugh at that but it’s true. Think about all the grief UEFA’s top clubs faced when they attempted to do as they wished with their assets.…

Did Borussia Dortmund do their Jadon Sancho business with selling Erling Haaland in mind?
08:01 Friday 2nd July 2021

There are all sorts of big clubs. At the moment, Bayern, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City and Ajax are the perennial champions. Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Juventus, Milan and, surprisingly, both Real Madrid and Barcelona…

Why England v Germany is a one-sided rivalry from oddly different perspectives
08:00 Saturday 26th June 2021

Ages ago when I was married, my wife and I found a cocker spaniel tied to a post and abandoned at a flea market. The poor thing’s food and water dish was infested with ants and he was trying to sit both out of the hot Florida sun and…