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Atletico Madrid reassert themselves as Europe's defensive kings
12:00 Wednesday 27th February 2019

There are many names Atletico Madrid’s been associated with all these years. Underachievers is the biggest one, while the “other club” in Madrid is another. If their sensational performance against Juventus recently in the…

World Cup
Uruguay's tactics at the World Cup and where it went wrong
09:30 Sunday 8th July 2018

Uruguay's 2014 World Cup dream ended in the Round Of 16. This year, they went a step further. Los Charrúas breezed past the group stages, picking up wins against a spirited Egyptian side, deadweight Saudi Arabia and in-form…

What does it mean to be World Class?
14:00 Sunday 29th January 2017

The Oxford English Dictionary defines 'world class' as 'of or among the best in the world'. Having said that, there remains a lot of debate around the term when it comes to football. All-time Premier League top-scorer and pundit Alan Shearer…

Diego Simeone: The Best Manager in World Football
12:17 Wednesday 1st June 2016

During his four and a half years in charge of Atletico Madrid, Simeone has exceeded all expectations. The fiery Argentine has reawakened one of football's ‘sleeping giants', by using his own style and methods Simeone has changed the fortunes…

England National Team
England: Land of hope and inferiority complex?
10:07 Tuesday 17th June 2014

As England lick their wounds from the defeat in their opening Group D game, Ian Reynolds looks ahead to the Uruguay match at the Arena de Sao Paulo in São Paulo As an England fan of 26 years of age this means the tournament which is now in…