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Fa Cup
Dele Alli dived but it was a penalty
12:00 Monday 19th February 2018

Rochdale boss Keith Hill was plainly, unashamedly, and oddly honest when asked about Dele Alli’s alleged dive to ‘win’ Tottenham Hotspur a penalty in their FA Cup fifth-round tie on Sunday afternoon. ‘I won't hold…

Jay Rodriguez incident proves why diving exists
13:00 Thursday 28th September 2017

Jay Rodriguez was clipped by Shkodran Mustafi but did not go down as Arsenal overcame West Bromwich Albion in a surprisingly entertaining and eventful Monday night fixture. Had he hit the ground, however, he would have 'won' a penalty. The…

Why Punishing Diving is a Bad Idea
20:00 Friday 19th May 2017

Some of the best players the world has ever seen have broken the rules now and then. Eric Cantona booted a rival fan in the face, Diego Maradona scored THAT goal with his hand and both Cristiano and Messi have hit the deck a little too easily…

Diving: What needs to be done to stop it
13:00 Tuesday 2nd May 2017

At the weekend, we saw a number of contentious pieces of diving ,or at least feigning contact. Here's how it can be stopped, and it's far from easy.

Rule changes that could be introduced to football
17:30 Friday 24th March 2017

Sky Sports recently conducted a poll as part of Support the Ref week, allowing members of the public to vote on what changes they would like introduced to football. As well as looking at the suggestions and outcome, we evaluate the merits of…

Five things that we hate about the modern game
13:30 Friday 3rd March 2017

As big football fans, we like to watch our favourite teams whether they play well or not so well. In some cases, if you can't make it to a certain game you can be lucky enough to catch it on television.  We're going to discuss the five things…

Retrospective action: Will this stop simulation in the English game?
10:00 Friday 20th January 2017

This week it was announced that The Football Association are looking into introducing retrospective bans for players who dive and feign injury. This has been a particular problem in the English game, and this season, more players seem to be…

Diving: Cheating or a Skill?
00:16 Thursday 15th March 2012

Over the past few years there has been more and more talk about diving in Football. The continental way of the game has been brought in by foreign players earning their trade in the promise land; the Barclay's Premier League. Don't get me wrong,…

We Want Our Football Back
01:45 Saturday 14th January 2012

Ex pros from the 'good old days' and football fans nationwide have, for some time now, been fearing that the game has been heading in very much the wrong direction and is not ‘what it used to be'. The Billy Bremners, Ron Harrises' and Vinnie…