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Premier League
Why Billy Gilmour has probably heard Gerry Rafferty
08:01 Sunday 4th July 2021

There’s a saying: Big money equals big problems. Anyone with a capitalist bent will laugh at that but it’s true. Think about all the grief UEFA’s top clubs faced when they attempted to do as they wished with their assets.…

COVID shouldn't be Billy Gilmour's legacy
08:02 Thursday 24th June 2021

Florida Governor Ron de Santis is a cagier version of Donald Trump. As such, he keeps his distance from the former president even though Trump resides in his state. If De Santis can ignore the unelected president, his disregard for the…

Why Jack Grealish isn't what the Three Lions need
08:01 Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Here’s a pithy play on words that probably won’t please most England fans. When you take the -ish out of Grealish, what remains is an abbreviated form of ‘Get real’. Without a doubt, Captain Jack Grealish is the media…