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Premier League
Thierry Henry: The Rolls-Royce striker Aubameyang is tasked with emulating
14:00 Tuesday 6th February 2018

Having a statue in front of a football stadium means a player must have given their all for a particular club. After achieving legendary status at Arsenal, Thierry Henry has a sculpture outside the Emirates. The Gunners have never quite replaced…

Never Thought I’d Say This: Steven Taylor Is Spot On
15:30 Friday 3rd February 2017

When I hear the name Steven Taylor, my first thoughts are of that pathetic attempt of getting away with the most blatant of handballs against Aston Villa. That's closely followed by the sheer disbelief that he played nearly 200 Premier League…

Young English players shouldn't be judged on huge transfer fees
14:30 Saturday 26th November 2016

Typically in English football, youngsters are over-hyped from an early age and built-up as potentially becoming the next superstar of the game. After all of the adulation, a big money transfer will occur, which then leads to these same players…

England National Team
More action for "unacceptable behaviour"
09:30 Friday 22nd July 2016

New rules have been imposed to reduce "intolerable behaviour" from both players and coaches within the English game as The FA, Premier League and the English Football League all agreed poor conduct has reached unacceptable levels. From the…

FA Cup Fourth Round - Previews
00:26 Friday 27th January 2012

We see the fourth round of the FA Cup take place this weekend and after some top quality ties in the last round we are sure to see more the cup throw up more shocks and controversy this weekend. Below are the stand out fixtures to look out…

The Best Football Ground I Have Ever Been To, Bar Wembley
22:49 Thursday 12th January 2012

In the last year or so I have found myself attending an increasing number of football matches with my dad, giving us both the opportunity to sample the great football grounds that the country has to offer. We have found ourselves attending…

The Price Isn't Right
13:35 Wednesday 20th July 2011

If a player no longer wants to play for a club it is surely only a matter of time before he moves on. Regardless of the stature of the player or the club, the fact that the player is no longer 100% committed is usually enough for fans and everyone…

King Kenny's English (slightly Scottish and South American) Revolution
15:38 Wednesday 13th July 2011

What a difference a new manager makes. Just over 6 months ago Liverpool were in a very sorry state of affairs. No matter what Roy Hodgson did nothing quite seemed to work. His signings were cautious and lacked ambition but Liverpool still had…

Club Vs Country
11:03 Tuesday 12th July 2011

Following England's abrupt exit from the Under 21 championships last month the debate rages on; what comes first: Club or Country?In my honest opinion this is an easy question, the pride that must be felt from representing your country, especially…