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World Cup
Three Lions' four in attack sharpening their claws for World Cup
08:00 Monday 4th June 2018

World Cup friendlies are quintessential for everyone involved, the manager, players and fans. They let countries know where they stand. Managers generally put out their first team, allow the players to gel, then try to fix whatever…

If Adnan Januzaj Can Play For England Then So Can I
12:17 Thursday 10th October 2013

The recent mutterings in the press have led to questions over what qualifies a footballer to be able to play for England, James Meredith takes a look. The two goal man of the match performance of unheralded teenager Adnan Januzaj for Manchester…

The English National Team: baseless optimism and silly hats pre-match, unbridled vitriol and cut-out-and-burn effigies post-match
01:42 Thursday 21st July 2011

1 opinion is conjecture, 2 moves us toward a consensus. Firstly Paul Scholes, in a tellingly un-Paul Scholes manner, delved into the recesses of his mind to confront the issues surrounding his departure from International football. This was…