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Premier League
Equal time: Marcus Rashford must specialise or risk wasting talent
08:00 Saturday 15th September 2018

When Jose Mourinho walked through Carrington on his first day, he knew he had to deliver on two key fronts. Returning Manchester United to the top headed the list, scrawled in bold, block caps. But continuing to trial and promote…

Premier League
Equal Time: Another Reason Why The Premier League Is The World's Best
08:00 Thursday 22nd March 2018

It’s cliché at this point to call the Premier League the best league in the world. Or more specifically the hardest. Cristiano Ronaldo fans constantly reference the difficulty of playing in England as the overriding point…

Premier League
Equal Time: Theo Walcott is a talent unfulfilled
11:35 Saturday 20th January 2018

Well it certainly took Arsenal long enough. Wenger has finally got rid of the former Southampton speedster and he’s off to the blue half of Merseyside, despite him being a Liverpool fan - says a lot doesn’t it? When Theo Walcott…

Equal time: VAR removes football's biggest talking points
10:01 Friday 19th January 2018

This is purely an emotional argument. I don't care. Emotions are important too. The 1966 World Cup Final is being debated to this day, the legitimacy of Sir Geoff Hurst’s strike still being mooted a half-century after it was…

European Football
Equal time: 6 compelling reasons to embrace VAR technology
10:00 Friday 19th January 2018

It can come as a real shock to some when others resist the technologies that make life easier. It's been that way throughout human history. It was dourly predicted television would hamper social and intellectual development. Others…