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Premier League
Will Rodri slot straight into Manchester City's best XI?
17:01 Tuesday 9th July 2019

Rodri completed his long-awaited move to the Premier League on Wednesday. Joining Manchester City from Atletico Madrid for a club record £63 million, the Spanish midfielder will have sights set on claiming a starting role as quickly as…

Premier League
Man City: Champions elect?
10:00 Saturday 31st March 2018

With eight games to go, City are 16 points beyond rivals Manchester United in the Premier League title race. When the gap was just 11, Pep Guardiola told a Mirror reporter he had not expected to run away from the pack so easily, that it was…

Premier League
The 2007/08 Manchester City starting XI: Where are they now?
13:00 Wednesday 20th December 2017

Not many modern-day football fans will remember Manchester City before they had money. Before all the cup wins and league titles, Manchester City were just an average Premier League team, who usually competed at the higher end of the table…

Youth Scout
Have you seen this manager? Roberto Mancini
16:00 Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Whether still chasing silverware, desperately seeking to avoid relegation, or sitting comfortably mid-table, clubs across Europe are beginning to plan for next season even as this one runs down. Some will be searching for a new manager. One…

The Manchester derby doesn't matter anymore
18:16 Thursday 27th April 2017

The Manchester derby no longer carries anywhere near as much gravitas as it did even five years ago - why you might be asking? Well, let me explain..... The managers Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho aren't exactly lifelong fans of their current…