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How Joel Ward Explains Lionel Messi
08:01 Monday 19th July 2021

Football spread across the globe in large part due to the East India Company. British merchants established football clubs everywhere they traveled and taught the locals the game in order to have some friendly competition. Frequently, that…

England National Team
Should Jordan Henderson have started for England?
09:02 Thursday 15th July 2021

Three years, three international tournaments. The England men’s national team has finally proven they're ready to challenge for silverware on the global stage once again. The 2018 FIFA World Cup and 2019’s inaugural…

European Championships
Has Gareth Southgate reached his limit as England manager?
16:31 Monday 12th July 2021

Fear of losing is the fat tabby who whiles away summer afternoons in the barnyard toying with the mouse between his paws. On Sunday, Wembley Stadium was the barnyard and Gareth Southgate was the mouse. The semifinal round offered England fans…