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Is Michael O'Neill the hero Stoke City needs?
12:01 Thursday 14th November 2019

When Stoke City fired manager Nathan Jones nine months into his tenure, questions were asked about who should take the vacant position. Since the departure of Mark Hughes in 2018, the situation in Staffordshire has gone from bad to worse, a…

International football is boring: an ignorant opinion
14:00 Monday 9th October 2017

The recent break has re-opened the discourse surrounding international football being boring. This is an ignorant, outdated and wholly English-centric opinion. It is, of course, okay to say that you find international football boring. However,…

No Gareth Bale? No Problem for Wales
10:00 Thursday 5th October 2017

Every Welsh fan dreaded the news: their talisman will miss Wales' final two games against Georgia and Ireland. Fans should not fear, though. No Gareth Bale, no problem. Granted, that's a bold claim. Especially when one considers Wales' record…

Time for Aaron Ramsey to thrive in new role
10:15 Thursday 28th September 2017

Aaron Ramsey was superb against West Bromwich Albion, having been moved to a roaming no.10. Now playing in his favoured position, the Welsh midfielder will thrive. Ramsey has been a much-maligned figure at Arsenal in recent years. Since his…

Arsenal's forward line needs changing
09:30 Thursday 31st August 2017

Many faults, weaknesses, and glaring failures were to blame for Arsenal's Liverpool drubbing. The Gunners' stale attack did not help.  Liverpool's defense is extremely vulnerable. It is that weakness which will deny them the Premier League…

How Portugal can beat Chile in the Confederations Cup semi-final
10:30 Wednesday 28th June 2017

It's hard to call any team with Cristiano Ronaldo in it an underdog, but let's be frank here, Portugal are not a good side. They‘re a team that relies on individual moments of brilliance rather than cohesive team play. They frauded their way…

England National Team
What has happened in a year for the England national team?
15:01 Friday 23rd June 2017

We are a whole calendar year detached from one of England's most shocking results in an international tournament. A lot has happened in 12 months, but are the Three Lions progressing since their loss to Iceland at Euro 2016. I remember watching…

Renato Sanches' career is dying a natural death at Bayern
11:00 Monday 6th March 2017

Have we forgotten him already? This young man's name was on the lips of almost every football analyst in the world during UEFA Euro 2016; sadly, his career is rotting away following a mega-money move to Bayern Munich. When Renato Sanches snubbed…

Aaron Ramsey needs a move away from the Emirates
15:00 Friday 6th January 2017

Aaron Ramsey is a player blessed with exceptional talent, but he losing in the race to fulfil his potential. Through no fault of his own, however. His move to the Emirates from Cardiff City for £5m appeared to be the perfect fit, and for a…

England National Team
Flashback: 2016 – A year of surprises
17:59 Tuesday 27th December 2016

As we have entered into the final week of 2016, and before we bid adieu to the year, I would like to take you to a short memory ride of the football events that left the world shell-shocked at times, and these stories and situations are why…

An unforgettable 2016 for Cristiano Ronaldo
10:45 Tuesday 20th December 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo has enjoyed a sensational year, achieving success collectively with Real Madrid and Portugal, as well as gaining individual recognition. After his outstanding performances in 2016, Ronaldo is showing no signs of slowing down.…

Gareth Bale has improved at Real due to his role with Wales
12:14 Wednesday 12th October 2016

Gareth Bale struggled to settle initially at Real Madrid, but three years on, the Welsh wizard is now in top form. Bale's responsibilities for Wales have played a big part in his resurgence; during Wales' recent success, Bale has reminded us…

England National Team
The FA: Floundering, foolish and without a clue.
13:10 Thursday 6th October 2016

As Mr T would say "I pity the fools", those ones that are charged with running English football that is. A bunch of highly paid administrators who manage the richest national football association in world, seemingly lurching from one farce…

The top 5 most influential transfers in the Bundesliga so far
16:24 Friday 22nd July 2016

With the Premier League being easily the richest league in the world, other major European clubs have found it difficult to bring in new talent. The TV deal in the Premier League gives all 20 clubs a hefty sum of money to spend on transfers…

England National Team
Sunderland facing summer of uncertainty as Allardyce talks rumble on
16:00 Monday 18th July 2016

Sunderland are facing a stuttering start to their preseason preparations ahead of the start of the new English Premier Division season. Following on from a resoundingly positive end of season feeling on Wearside, fans and pundits alike were…