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Why can't this generation's best transcend to major tournaments?
12:02 Friday 12th July 2019

Legend and myth give us many warriors whose strength or skill in battle made them worth ten or more normal soldiers. Hercules, Achilles, Karna, Beowulf, Atalanta, Cu Chulainn. Football has its share of such heroes from Pele to Cruijff…

European Championships
Inaugural Nations League preview: Who wants to be friendly?
08:00 Wednesday 5th September 2018

UEFA’s brand new international competition kicks off this week. The Nations League was formed for two purposes. To replace meaningless friendlies that interrupt league schedules with competitive matches. To give smaller nations with fewer…

Is Bibiana Steinhaus the perfect referee?
09:00 Friday 24th August 2018

It’s said the best referee is the one you don’t notice. If that’s the case, Bibiana Steinhaus did an excellent job in her first Bundesliga season. She prefers anonymity despite deserving recognition. Not only is she quietly…

UEFA Nations League Explained
13:00 Tuesday 16th January 2018

International friendlies are many football fans’ pet hate. They are about to become history. UEFA has launched a new competition designed to replace meaningless friendless and instead fill international breaks with matches worth…