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Premier League
Why Billy Gilmour has probably heard Gerry Rafferty
08:01 Sunday 4th July 2021

There’s a saying: Big money equals big problems. Anyone with a capitalist bent will laugh at that but it’s true. Think about all the grief UEFA’s top clubs faced when they attempted to do as they wished with their assets.…

How 'Circumstances' explains Brentford's Premier League push
08:00 Thursday 27th May 2021

Twice in his career as the drummer and lyricist for the Canadian rock band Rush, Neil Peart wrote about the symbiotic relationship between consistency and change. In Tom Sawyer, he kept it simple, noting that “changes aren’t permanent…

Premier League
Why do Manchester United fans really hate the Glazers?
08:01 Sunday 9th May 2021

Hate is a strong word frequently applied when a tamer term such as dislike would better serve. Brussel sprouts, for instance. People aren’t likely to lose their minds at the sight of the tiny, wrinkled green balls of yuck. They might…

Premier League
Are fans better off with the Manchester United devil they know?
21:00 Sunday 2nd May 2021

A large group, numbering in the hundreds, protested outside Old Trafford ahead of the anticipated Sunday teatime kickoff between Manchester United and Liverpool. A much smaller group breached the ground and, while some brought the protest inside,…

Champions League
Why you shouldn't blame American owners for the European Super League
08:00 Friday 30th April 2021

Having been on a year-long hiatus from blogging, you can imagine my groan when news of the European Super League broke just as I was excitedly preparing to return. While no hand was raised in anger and no shot fired, the rebellion against the…

European Football
Is A European Super League Around The Corner?
14:00 Friday 20th September 2013

With multi million pound profits being made and record signings across Europe James Meredith ponders the prospect of what is on the horizon for European football. It is clear that football in the top leagues around Europe appear to be immune…