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European Championships
Will Hungary face the Topknot of God?
12:01 Tuesday 19th November 2019

November 18 2009, Stade de France, 104th minute: As Florent Malouda lined up the free-kick from  45 yards, centre-half Sebastien Squillaci hustled into the Ireland box. Referee Martin Hansson blew the whistle to resume play. Malouda’s…

Premier League
Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal: where are they now?
16:37 Tuesday 19th December 2017

It's a game no Manchester United fan will ever forget; it is a game every Arsenal fans want to forget. The Gunners were humiliated 8-2 at Old Trafford in August 2011, hitting the back of the net that day for the Red Devils was Ashley Young…

Suarez Handshake: Liverpool Should Stand By Their Man
19:34 Tuesday 14th February 2012

Following Manchester United's 2-1 win against Liverpool on Saturday, Sir Alex Ferguson was quick to brand Luis Suarez “a disgrace to Liverpool Football Club” who “should not be allowed to play for Liverpool again”.As has been well documented,…

Round Up Of The Weeks Football News
16:01 Tuesday 14th February 2012

Fabio Capello Resigns as England Manager: Well the biggest shock of the week was by far Fabio Capello resigning as England National team manager. It was reported in the press that the relationship between Capello and the FA was on the rocks…

How Could The Suarez Saga Been Shorter?
23:29 Monday 13th February 2012

As Liverpool FC finally take the first small steps to do what they should have done months ago – to attempt to withdraw from an unwinnable battle with a trace of dignity – one uncomfortable truth emerges from the battered landscape of this…

Will This Suarez/Evra Saga Ever End?
23:13 Saturday 11th February 2012

The dust has barely settled on the latest battle between Manchester United and Liverpool and once again all the talk will be about non footballing matters. I had naively hoped that this would finally see the end of the continuing saga between…