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Will Inter Miami be David Beckham's Waterloo?
17:01 Sunday 1st March 2020

David Beckham tends to do everything except failure in spectacular fashion. While Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and the rest of Manchester United’s Class of 92 made their marks with quiet professionalism, Golden Balls put them in the spotlight.…

Why Arsenal's Theo Walcott should be in the England squad
11:00 Friday 17th March 2017

After Gareth Southgate announced his first England squad as permanent boss of the Three Lions, he opted to leave out Arsenal's Theo Walcott but did the winger deserve to be dropped from the squad? Looking at England's side for the friendly…

Eddie can show England Howe it's done
15:16 Wednesday 13th July 2016

With England once again on the hunt for a new manager, could the Bournemouth boss be the answer? It was the same old story for England's footballers as they crashed out early of the Euro 2016 Championships. The Three Lions who came into the…

Sing When Youre Winning
Are Home Wins On The Cards For The Second Round Of Euro 2016 Qualifiers?
16:01 Thursday 9th October 2014

Depending on your position the international fixtures make a welcome/unwelcome return to the fore tonight. While many fans may be frustrated at having their club season interrupted once again, it is difficult to turn down an opportunity for…

Everybody Needs Good (Italian) Neighbours
15:08 Monday 29th September 2014

James Meredith looks at Italian football derby games, where the ground is even shared between the sides, impossible to have in the UK? I used to be an avid watcher of Italian football. As a young boy I'd tune in to the coverage of Serie A on…

The Hodgson Assessment
16:07 Wednesday 24th July 2013

Fourteen months ago, The FA named Roy Hodgson as the new Head Coach of the national team, our England correspondent Rob Wildey takes a look at whether England have improved since his arrival. England have been light years behind the likes of…

England Going Forward
13:23 Thursday 1st March 2012

After the resignation of Fabio Capello, it seems that yet again England will enter a major tournament in complete disarray. As of yet no permanent manager has been put in charge, with the team currently temporarily managed by Under-21 boss…

Redknapp Not The Right Man For The Job
14:40 Monday 27th February 2012

 Harry Redknapp may be a top club manager, but he does not have what it takes to be a successful coach at international level for England. This is not some knee-jerk reaction based on what happened at the Emirates on Sunday, it is something…

Harry For The Euros, Pearce For The Long Term
14:13 Monday 20th February 2012

There is a new illness sweeping the nation at the moment: ‘Redknapp Fever'. When the judge in the tax evasion case ruled 'not guilty' and Fabio Capello resigned as England manager on the same day, many in the media jumped to the conclusion…

The Right 'Right Back' For England
21:28 Sunday 12th February 2012

With Euro 2012 looming, England's right-back is still up for grabs with several worthy contenders stepping forwards to take the number 2 shirt.Since Gary Neville's retirement many have feared there won't be a reasonable replacement, but we…

Flash Harry-Villain to Hero in the Space of Eight Hours
00:18 Saturday 11th February 2012

Harry Redknapp really is a man graced with impeccably good fortune. Paraphrasing classic London-based comedy Only Fools and Horses, if 'Arry were to fall in a viper's pit, he would come up wearing snakeskin shoes. Who else in football could…

From Don Fabio to Del Boy – Euro 2012
10:40 Friday 10th February 2012

The English FA accepted the resignation of Fabio Capello this morning and officially announced that Stuart Pearce will take charge of the preparatory qualifier against Holland at Wembley this month.Although Capello to all intents and purposes…

Fabio Capello: Looking Back
01:12 Thursday 9th February 2012
By Harry

After 4 turbulent years at the helm of the England national football team, Fabio Capello tonight resigned as the England boss. Looking back, what can we really say about Capello's time in charge?When Fabio was appointed things could only possibly…

Fabio's Striking Decisions For Euro 2012
20:17 Monday 30th January 2012

As Euro 2012 rapidly approaches, England national team coach Fabio Capello will soon have to decide which strikers he will be taking to Ukraine/Poland.

Euro 2012 - Who's Playing Themselves Onto (and off) The England Plane?
00:40 Monday 23rd January 2012

It's fair to say that most of the 23 places aboard the plane taking the England squad to Donetsk in the summer have been sewn up if Fabio Capello's selection policy is anything to go by, but in this blog I'd like to look at some players who…