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2019/20 Bundesliga preview
17:05 Friday 16th August 2019

Imagine playing a word association game in which the object is to match a novel title with the country it best describes. Germany would probably get Sense and Sensibility. As stereotypes go, however, pragmatism and discipline aren’t bad…

Jonas Hector rewarded for following Gigi Buffon's example
12:00 Thursday 9th May 2019

Loyalty brings its perks. Victory tastes best after the bitterest defeat. Following up a tragedy with a monumental win feels like a huge success. Jonas Hector is experiencing similar sweetness after attaining Bundesliga promotion…

Assessing the relegation race in the Bundesliga
12:00 Friday 16th March 2018

The Bundesliga relegation race is not as intense as the race to gain a berth in the UEFA Champions League or the UEFA Europa League. However, there are several teams that remain compromised with only eight games left in the fixture schedule.…

European Football
The 12 Days of Football: Seven sides-a-sinking
08:00 Friday 29th December 2017

On the seventh day of football, UEFA gave to me seven sides-a-sinking/Six games amazing Five Golden Goals! Four calls blown/Three French clubs/Two title races/ and Antonio Conte and a back three. Welcome to the seventh installment in It's…

Arsenal need Europa League success more than Wenger realises
19:30 Friday 29th September 2017

Last season's fifth-place Premier League finish saw Arsenal enter Europe's second-tier competition this campaign, for the first time in 17 years. It also meant the Gunners missed out on the Champions League after featuring in the prestigious…

2017/18 Bundesliga Preview, Part 3: Best of the Rest
09:00 Sunday 13th August 2017

Part One of the Bundesliga preview looked at top clubs. Part Two, bottom. Now, let's have a peek at sides stuck in the middle for the 55th German top flight season. Gunning For A Champions League Berth

Is this the most important player in the Bundesliga this season?
18:00 Friday 20th January 2017

Cast your minds back to the 2011-12 Premier League season and you might just recall a French striker named Anthony Modeste who spent a dismal six months at Blackburn Rovers.Here he picked up more red cards than goals. Five years later, though,…