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Premier League
Is Solskjaer's Manchester United literally coming up short?
17:32 Sunday 15th December 2019

When Pep Guardiola arrived in the Premier League, critics claimed he needed to adjust to the division’s physicality. The Catalan disagreed but his first season seemed to vindicate his opponents. He then made two key signings that solidified…

Premier League
Two solutions for Manchester United's right wing?
17:00 Saturday 21st September 2019

Ask yourself why Sir Alex Ferguson signed Robin van Persie. It wasn’t to stick it to Arsene Wenger. That was a bonus. No, he needed someone who could provide balance in the Manchester United attack. Always devastating down the left flank…

Premier League
Should Solskjaer restore Manchester United's aerial threat?
08:00 Monday 16th September 2019

When Pep Guardiola arrived at Manchester City in 2016, bringing his ground-based possession style with him, Premier League aficionados were of two minds. The old school boys claimed the Catalunyan manager needed to adapt his game to English…

World Cup
World Cup 3rd place match: England and Belgium hook up again; does it mean anything this time?
08:30 Saturday 14th July 2018

It's not coming home. England's World Cup dreams were smashed by Mario Mandzukic's brilliant goal that sent Croatia to their first World Cup final. On the other hand, Roberto Martinez's Belgium lost to France one-nil. Les…

This Is My Club
Yet another stalemate at Old Trafford: 3 things we learned from Manchester United’s latest debacle.
15:00 Wednesday 5th April 2017

We're nearing the climax of the current season with each passing week. There are just about 10 weeks remaining in the conclusion of the season. And this month of April is quite hectic for Manchester United as some gigantic fixtures are up on…

Premier League
Who stays, who Goes? Analysing Manchester United's central midfield
12:40 Thursday 25th August 2016

With the addition of fan favourite and now most expensive player of all time Paul Pogba, the Red Devils' midfield is undoubtedly stronger.  Perhaps the strongest in the league.  United finally have some depth and a range of midfield combinations…