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Premier League
Money now dominates the Manchester Derby
09:00 Sunday 11th November 2018

As mentioned in previous ramblings, I didn't come to football until later in life. I grew up in Canada, played hockey in the street and schoolyards all year round, only kicking a ball during recess at school, where hockey sticks were…

Will Fining Clubs Under Financial Fair Play Make The Billionaire Owners To Play Fairly?
15:35 Tuesday 6th May 2014

Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain are the only two clubs of around 20 that have been named and shamed for breaching the rules of financial fair play. UEFA claim the two clubs have gone over the €45mn loss threshold, which takes into account…

Excessive spending in football has to stop
22:37 Saturday 3rd December 2011

UEFA's proposed Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules are an attempt to curb excessive and reckless spending by clubs – made even more relevant in the economic crisis we find ourselves in today.The plainly obvious example here is Manchester City,…