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Premier League
How will Covid-19 affect the summer transfer window and FFP?
12:00 Sunday 15th March 2020

Karren Brady isn’t wrong. You may disagree with her conclusion that the season should be declared “null and void” immediately to mitigate Covid-19’s effect on English football but the West Ham vice-chair is spot-on in…

Premier League
Manchester City fallout: Player exodus?
17:01 Sunday 16th February 2020

UEFA delivered a hammer blow of a Valentine to Manchester City on Friday. The two-year Champions League ban for alleged Financial Fair Play violations isn't a pebble dropped in a pond causing a mild ripple effect. It's a meteor impact…

Champions League
Manchester City fallout: Do the Sky Blues go to war against UEFA?
15:01 Sunday 16th February 2020

When Love United/Hate Glazer snowflakes claim Manchester United’s absentee owners put nothing back into the club, it’s easy to point out the Americans spent more than a billion pounds sterling on players after taking control of…

Is money Barcelona’s biggest trouble?
08:00 Friday 7th February 2020

As a consequence of significant mismanagement, Barcelona suffers from a deplorable financial situation. This truth was corroborated in January when the club could not find the funds to sign Valencia and La Furia forward Rodrigo Moreno then acted…

Premier League
Who are the Premier League transfer window moneymakers?
08:00 Wednesday 14th August 2019

The transfer window is intended to sign players who can improve a club. To use it for any other purpose invites derision. Fans will tell you a club that doesn't spend is either too small or lacks ambition. Developing and selling on…

European ban darkens Rossoneri hopes
08:00 Thursday 11th July 2019

Oh, how Milan's mighty have fallen. Once the city's two clubs lived and breathed at the pinnacle of European football. Now they find themselves praying to relive their Champions League euphoria. AC Milan, in particular, has succumbed…

Premier League
Money now dominates the Manchester Derby
09:00 Sunday 11th November 2018

As mentioned in previous ramblings, I didn't come to football until later in life. I grew up in Canada, played hockey in the street and schoolyards all year round, only kicking a ball during recess at school, where hockey sticks were…

Is the transfer market pricing itself out of existence?
08:30 Monday 29th January 2018

After Paris Saint-Germain took a Neil Armstrong-sized giant leap in transfer fees to acquire Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, there was a sense other clubs would trip over one another to close ground. Not much has happened in this window. Is that…

Is the Premier League too top-heavy?
11:00 Sunday 1st October 2017

With a brand new season well underway, the Premier League has already had some massive thrashings. Manchester City have destroyed teams on multiple occasions so far, as have Manchester United. Chelsea and Tottenham have also enjoyed good starts…

Can Paris Saint-Germain escape UEFA's financial fair play hammer?
11:00 Tuesday 5th September 2017

Following the insane money they spent in bringing Neymar Junior to Paris, French giant, Paris Saint-Germain is set to be investigated by UEFA for a suspected breach of Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations. Will PSG escape a UEFA sanction,…

Premier League
The domestic loan system should be scrapped
15:58 Thursday 22nd January 2015

Frazer takes a look a the transfer window and in particular the amount of loan signings made during this period, do you agree with his thoughts? Comment or Tweet your thoughts to us Loans play a crucial role within the Football League. At the…

Will Fining Clubs Under Financial Fair Play Make The Billionaire Owners To Play Fairly?
15:35 Tuesday 6th May 2014

Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain are the only two clubs of around 20 that have been named and shamed for breaching the rules of financial fair play. UEFA claim the two clubs have gone over the €45mn loss threshold, which takes into account…

Excessive spending in football has to stop
22:37 Saturday 3rd December 2011

UEFA's proposed Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules are an attempt to curb excessive and reckless spending by clubs – made even more relevant in the economic crisis we find ourselves in today.The plainly obvious example here is Manchester City,…

Damned if they do, damned if they don't – The Football League forced to adopt the Elite Player Performance Plan
19:06 Friday 21st October 2011

Yesterday, the 72 Football League Clubs voted in favour of the proposed overhaul of English football's youth system. 46 clubs voted in favour, 22 voted against and there were 3 no-shows and 1 abstention. These changes are the implementation…