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England's avoidance of the Premier League rough and tumble detracts from their potential
14:30 Thursday 12th October 2017

Read the F.A.'s 'The Future Game Playing Philosophy', a report on how the England national side will play and how coaches should be imparting their knowledge on the younger generations, and you will notice all the buzz words of the modern game.…

Book Review - The Illustrated History of Football
16:40 Thursday 30th March 2017

You might not instantly recognise the name.  However, the work of David Squires will be instantly recognisable to football fans around the world as his weekly comic strips have adorned the Guardian newspaper for several years now. His spot…

England National Team
More action for "unacceptable behaviour"
09:30 Friday 22nd July 2016

New rules have been imposed to reduce "intolerable behaviour" from both players and coaches within the English game as The FA, Premier League and the English Football League all agreed poor conduct has reached unacceptable levels. From the…

England National Team
Is the England national team behind the times?
18:34 Friday 10th July 2015

Despite England once again making it into the top ten in the FIFA rankings, football blog The Tough Tackler asks is it time for a change in the way we recruit players to the national team? With 11 goals for promoted Bournemouth, Matt Ritchie…

Who Should Take Responsibility For The England U21 Performance?
09:30 Saturday 15th June 2013

Who was to blame for the England performance in the U21 European Championships, was it the squad or the manager? Declan Fisher takes a look As the dust settles on England's departure from the under-21 European Championships in Israel, it is…