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Football Manager Touch, does it stand up to the PC game?
14:15 Monday 12th June 2017

I've played football manager for years. Endless nights when I should have been studying, replaced with lengthy sessions managing virtual football squads. Can the new ‘Touch' edition stand up to the fully-fledged PC game? My earliest…

Why the FIFA games do not satisfy a football fan
13:15 Tuesday 2nd May 2017

EA's Goliath FIFA football gaming franchise has been the staple of home consoles since the mid-1990's and, in essence, the formula has never changed. Essentially, it's a footballing simulator for people to play when the real thing doesn't quite…

Rafa, Toon, and a Football Manager's Many Roads
12:15 Friday 17th February 2017

Robert Frost celebrated individuality and choice with his poem The Road Not Taken. In our result-driven myopia, football fans see managers who arrive at success from unexpected origins as emulating Frost's spirit, ignoring that they are all…

Football Manager: Addiction, rage and labour pains
11:15 Tuesday 22nd November 2016

For some, booze is their vice for others, it's gambling or hard drugs. My vice has had me hooked for close to 20 years and still has a slight hold on me, as I am a casual user. My vice is Football Manager or Championship Manager as it was called…

Football Manager Versus Arsene Wenger's Transfer Policy
09:00 Friday 31st May 2013

Football Manager isn't a game, it isn't "just a database" as some 'spotty oik' called it when I was about to buy it from his store a few years ago, it is in fact a way of mind.That said I have often wondered what would happen if Arsene Wenger…