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Top 10 30-somethings still seeking a major international trophy
08:00 Monday 21st June 2021

Can you imagine if Johan Cruijff or George Best had won a Euro or World Cup? Their legacies are already astounding but an international honour might have put them higher in the debate over the greatest of all time. On the other hand, Franz…

Why I Love Football
Timely thanks to those who have given me an appreciation for the beautiful game
16:15 Thursday 24th November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving, whether you are stateside or elsewhere. The first history lesson I was taught in school, even though I was raised in Canada, was the Thanksgiving tale. The theme in which two separate cultures come together peacefully, the…

European Football
Football For Friendship Are On The Hunt For Talented Young Journalists
12:03 Tuesday 15th April 2014

Do you know a child that is aged between 12-14 who wants to write about sports?There is a competition that is currently being ran by Chelsea and Champions League sponsors Gazprom called " I Am A Reporter " where they are looking to find the…