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At Gold Cup, rich get richer
21:00 Wednesday 19th July 2017

Last week, CONCACAF's disciplinary committee forfeited French Guiana's result against Honduras and banned Florent Malouda from the tournament for playing in the Gold Cup while ineligible. This week, the big nations were permitted to upgrade…

The Conflicting Case of Florent Malouda
17:30 Thursday 13th July 2017

Wealth and influence aren't everything. Sometimes the little guys push back. Every once in a while, they win, too. This time, French Guiana and Florent Malouda are battling the system. Who hasn't heard the saying money talks, bullshit walks?…

Gold Cup nations you may not know: French Guiana
16:00 Thursday 6th July 2017

Welcome to the second part of our look at some of the lesser known nations taking part in the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Our first part examined Curacao. We will now take a quick look at French Guiana.  Despite the country being a region of France…