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Timothy Weah following dad's path to greatness
09:00 Saturday 10th March 2018

Following in famous parents' footsteps can sometimes be daunting for a youngster. Especially in the same career. It becomes even more horrifying when older siblings stumble along the way. For Timothy, son of legendary African footballer…

Remembering Football Italia
14:00 Sunday 26th March 2017

“GOOAAAALLLLLL LAZIOOOOOOO”. These words can easily define a generation. Of course, it's actually Gollacio, but, let's be honest; no one will ever accept anything except Goal Lazio. 9 am, Sunday mornings, Channel 4. James Richardson (everybody's…

Forgotten Premier League Foreign Imports
10:30 Tuesday 14th March 2017

Many fans firmly believe the Premier League is the greatest competition in the world but it hasn't quite measured up to some player's estimations during their time in England. Some of the best players of all time have journeyed to our little…