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How will Rangers spend their summer?
12:00 Friday 14th June 2019

Throughout Scottish football history, the domestic scene has largely been dominated by Glasgow sides Rangers and Celtic. For years, the pair would take turns in winning the division while every other side just watched on in awe... That…

Premier League
Four moments Liverpool can put behind them with a Premier League title
15:00 Sunday 28th April 2019

Liverpool are a football club with a rich history but also one that has gone too long without tasting success in the Premier League. The Anfield club were last victorious in England’s top division in 1990, before the advent of the…

Is Lionel Messi the last one-club man?
15:00 Thursday 2nd August 2018

They don’t call it news for no reason. When things stay the same, people become bored. Something different, something new, must happen to keep people engaged. In real life, capitalism and democracy help that along. Everyone wants the…

How does Steven Gerrard pass the ball?
09:33 Tuesday 6th September 2016

The former Reds skipper is well known all around the world as Liverpool's hero. His fantastic all-around game has won many games for club and country. Coming to the end of his career in America, we look at how the Liverpool legend passes the…

In Defence Of Jordan Henderson
17:22 Friday 13th July 2012

Jordan Henderson is a Brendan Rodgers' footballer. Now stick with me here, I know both Steven Gerrard and our popular Brazilian midfielder Lucas, are and will be above him in the pecking order. Gerrard's best position for Rodgers is that holding…

Diving: Cheating or a Skill?
00:16 Thursday 15th March 2012

Over the past few years there has been more and more talk about diving in Football. The continental way of the game has been brought in by foreign players earning their trade in the promise land; the Barclay's Premier League. Don't get me wrong,…

Holland 3-2 England. The Positives.
07:03 Thursday 1st March 2012

Stuart Pearce has been largely mocked as a poor manager, and many thrashings were predicted on social media throughout the game, and while there were notable negative aspects, there was also a large amount of positives to be taken out of the…

Predictions for 2012 - Part 1
02:52 Wednesday 4th January 2012

January/February – After naming Steven Gerrard man of the match against Newcastle despite only playing 30 minutes, Sky Sports confirm their undying love of Gerrard by declaring that 2012 will be known as the 'Year of the Gerrard'. Every man…

Cometh the hour, Cometh the skipper!
12:33 Wednesday 21st September 2011

Successive defeats to Stoke City and then, in embarrassing circumstances, Tottenham Hotspur, have not so much set-off panic alarms at Anfield, but have almost certainly dampened the early season optimism that had engulfed the football club.The…

Liverpool 1 Sunderland 1
23:16 Saturday 13th August 2011
By Andy

It's an old cliché but it really was a game of two halves today at Anfield. The first half belonged to Liverpool and after just five minutes the home side were awarded a penalty after Kieran Richardson had brought down Luis Suarez in the box…

Liverpool: the midfield problem and the dead wood which just won't go away.
01:41 Thursday 21st July 2011

Since the days of Rafa Benitez to the long awaited appointment of King Kenny, Liverpool FC have been continually criticised for having a squad which simply could not compete with the in depth quality of Manchester United and Chelsea. During…

Can Aquilani Make An Impact at Anfield?
14:02 Sunday 17th July 2011

Brought to Merseyside in the summer of 2009 for 20m, it appears Alberto Aquilani will again have the chance to prove his worth to Liverpool, no matter his personal preferences over an increasingly unlikely return to Juventus.Aquilani came through…