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Jordan Morris: Star among Stripes
15:30 Sunday 30th July 2017

Jordan Morris added to his early celebrity with the goal that saw the USA lift the Gold Cup last week. What does the future hold for the Seattle forward? A native of Seattle, Washington, Morris began his career in the Sounders youth setup.…

Dom Dwyer and Neymar: A tale of two transfers
17:30 Friday 28th July 2017

Dom Dwyer and Neymar's respective transfer sagas illustrate the chasm between Major League Soccer's and global relevancy. July 27th, 2017 will not be a date that lives in infamy, at least not in American soccer annals. Three newsworthy events…

Editors Thoughts
At Gold Cup, rich get richer
21:00 Wednesday 19th July 2017

Last week, CONCACAF's disciplinary committee forfeited French Guiana's result against Honduras and banned Florent Malouda from the tournament for playing in the Gold Cup while ineligible. This week, the big nations were permitted to upgrade…

The Conflicting Case of Florent Malouda
17:30 Thursday 13th July 2017

Wealth and influence aren't everything. Sometimes the little guys push back. Every once in a while, they win, too. This time, French Guiana and Florent Malouda are battling the system. Who hasn't heard the saying money talks, bullshit walks?…

Gold Cup nations you may not know: Martinique
16:00 Friday 7th July 2017

Welcome to the third in this four-part series on  Gold Cup nations you may not recognise. The post on Curacao can be found here, French Guiana here. Nicaragua will be the final installment. First, however, comes Martinique. Much like French…

Should MLS stop entertaining its wealthy in-laws?
16:30 Tuesday 4th July 2017

MLS is maturing but still interrupts its season for friendlies against big European clubs. Has the practice become a hindrance to the league's development?  The United States turns 241 today. Given its current President's childish antics, you…

Youth Scout
Dom Dwyer: a West Sussex Brit in Uncle Sam's Connecticut court
10:00 Sunday 2nd July 2017

Hank Morgan travelled back in time to make himself right at home in Mark Twain's version of Arthurian England, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. Sporting KC forward and Cuckfield native son Dom Dwyer has done the same in reverse,…